As fragile as the soul

Photography, like the human body, has a lifetime. The print / blow out is already born with the confirmation of its death. It could be an “almost life” inside a film shelf, the 24 hours of Instagram posts or a long life in an archive.

The matter of fact is that photography has always been a fragile material. Its main quality isn’t in surviving time but in freezing it. After this process, the image will only exist for a determined period, as little by little it will be transformed and then disappear. The representation fades away and becomes vestige.

For the exhibition, I would like to work with the fragility of the body and create a parallel with the ephemerality of the photographic image.

The objective is to create two pieces, a video and an installation using glass and clay as the main materials.

I would like to user wax and clay because they’re transitive materials connected with sculptural tradition but on the other hand a fragile. Bringing the imago concept, wax and clay sculptures were used in the Roman Empire, where they had the same value as the material body, were used as evidence, as well as photography.

In the case of glass is a material in constant transformation, transparent, hard, while immensely fragile, liable to the behavior of light. A palpable object that acts as if it were not there. A real limit, but invisible.

These works will create a transitory ambient in constant transformation, where the observer is invited to transform the space by walking and interacting with the sculptures.